Old Race Boats will still flip you out!

Last updated 03/3/2016

 Boats and Motors For Sale

All boats and motors are sold without any warranty as these are special equipment used for racing purposes and are considered antiques.

A recent purchase included an early B Konig that appears to be partially restored, a complete B Quincy looper and enough parts to build 4 or 5 loopers.  A large assortment of parts will be left over after we restore these engines some which have significant history.

We are currently working on a Mark 40H that will be listed here. We just need a correct front cowling.

We have acquired 25 Mercury racing engines in Fine to Good condition.  Theses engines are all freshwater engines on Quicksilver towers and gear cases.  We have sold a number of these but there are still some nice engines to choose from.

      The right two rows and 20H in the rear of the picture are the engines.

A short list of the remaining engines left follows:

One KH7H engines. Two KG7Q engines one a Hubble Wildcat with external reeds.  A nice 20H green and gold and a 20H conversion.  A 25 Johnson powerhead on a Quickie H tower. Seven 44 cubic inch four cylinder engines on both 55H towers or Mark 40H towers. One Mark 30H engine.  KG9Q engine enclosed in nice condition.

We are trying to price these at a reasonable price point starting with some engines at $1,000.  Other examples are a nice matching numbers original Mark 20H $3,400 and a good 20H conversion at $3,200.  A KG7H for $1,000.


         Early B Konig             $5,000                Merc 500 on H Tower    $1,900   


         Mark 30H                  $2,900                     KG9Q Closed           $2,000


      Mark 20H Conversion      $3,200            Mark 20H Num. Match    $3,300

If you have an interest in any engine we can send you pictures.  We check compression, spark and if they pump water, if not we will fix what ever we can at a reasonable cost. A total restoration can be arranged from Doug Kay, if that is what you want.

We have a real nice Original Mark 20H never taken apart that was purchased from Quincy Welding by the late Jon Woods when he first was getting into boat racing at $3,750.

If interested in any engines please give us a call 386-295-3391

Mercury Mark 20H              Tag Serial Number 789307



 This is the engine we ran at Hillsdale, MI in A Mod hydro and took third place in each of six heats of racing right out of the box.  We have freshened up the engine with four new rings leaving the bottom ring on each piston worn in.  Replacing the crank and flywheel was also done. We re-timed the engine to 0.300 BTDC to make it easier starting. There are a few scrapes in the top cowl from pull starting.  The manifold has had the polished aluminum someone did removed.  The engine has a deep skeg with 16:21 gears, KA7A carb., spray shield, 20H replacement block and sand cast original crank case.  This engine is ready to race or use as a fun machine on a lake.

  Price                          $3,250.00 plus shipping and crating

 Mercury Mark 20H        Serial Number 787047  SOLD


Here is a quote from the purchaser, " Nicest motor I have ever seen, can't thank you enough, top notch"               

    Some of our previous restorations and sales

   1959 Sid Craft short sponson D Stock or C Mod Hydro


                          Mark 20H Conversion             

                            Original style Mark 20H


              All purchases delivered or picked up in Florida are subject to sales tax of 6.5%.