Old Race Boats will still flip you out!

Last updated 7/24/2014

 Boats and Motors For Sale

All boats and motors are sold without any warranty as these are special equipment used for racing purposes and are considered antiques.

We have for sale our last Aeroliner model 510.  This boat only has four heats of racing and is offered at $2,350 plus delivery fully equipped.  A picture of the boat can be found on our NEWS page. 

 We can supply a rebuilt Mercury Mark 20H conversion which is what we used in racing A mod runaboutThe engine is not a numbers matching engine but is a correct rebuild. We can offer this engine with either just a mechanical restoration or a complete restoration painted as it should be.  We have the power head disassembled and are currently installing new bearings, pistons, rings, seals, gaskets and reed valves.  Power head is now completed and ready for paint.

                     Engine as we purchased and before disassembly

We also have a few NOS stainless steel props available, still in the Michigan boxes.

Price is still being determined since we do not know what if anything must be done to the gear case.  A completed, painted engine will be $500 more then an unpainted one which has only been mechanically restored.  Call during normal business hours 9-5 week days, 386-295-3391 for answers to your questions. 

             Mercury Mark 55H  Serial Number 984444



A real Mark 55H block with a nice machined crankcase.  This engine has been completed but is awaiting a tank test.  The lower pan, recoil top and front cover have been painted Sun Set Orange by someone prior to our ownership.  We have gone through the entire engine.  Powerhead bearings appeared to have been recently installed with no run time.  New seals were installed as well as new rings on a very nice set of correct pistons. New fuel lines and diaphragm were installed along with new spark plugs, ignition wires, points and condenser.  The gear case was rebuilt with all new bearings, seals and impeller.  Reproduction serial tag was installed, new tower bushings and newly painted tower.  The original style kill switch is installed on the lower cowl. The Bowden wire connector is included as is a nice stainless steel propeller and prop nut.  Additional pictures of the engine are available.  New decals are included but are not installed incase you wish to repaint the cowls in the correct green paint.

                                            SOLD, Thanks Tom

1959 Sid Craft short sponson D Stock or C Mod Hydro

                                  SOLD, THANKS ALEX


This great boat is nearly all original.  We have replaced the decks, cowl, combings and floor board.  The bottom, ribs, chines, transom and sponsons are original.  The boat was varnished and the original red paint was restored, the front rub rail is a very close replacement for the original.  The transom and the sides of the cockpit were painted red as they were when we purchased the boat.  Installed in the boat is a vintage Quincy throttle and a Kainer steering wheel.  New vinyl coated steering cable and stainless steel throttle cable have been installed.  The pulleys are NOS Perko and restored Keller tiebacks have been installed.  The original fuel tank retainer is in the boat and we added black high density padding on the front of the floor board.  Original aluminium transom handles and a new bow handle are included as are new tie down eyes for the engine.  The Sid Craft metal tag is on the original dash.  The white 1959 style Mark 55H is also For Sale.  This engine was built for us by Doug Kay and leaves nothing to be desired, it would be hard to find a better 55H then this one.  Included with the engine is a nice stainless steel two bladed propeller and a painted Mercury steering bar.

                       Mercury Mark 20H Conversion, 787603


Mark 20H Conversion serial number 787603 was constructed from some of the nice parts we have remaining after building a number of engines for our racing program.  This engine though not legal for racing in APBA is still a nice engine for someone to collect or just to have fun with.  The engine did have some exhaust port work but other than that it is all stock.  New parts installed include everything in the deep skeg gear case, drive shaft, rings, bearings, seals, gaskets, reeds, points, condensers, coils, spark plugs (J4J), wires with boots, fuel lines, fuel pump internals, swivel pin, spark advance knob, spray shield, rebuilt KA7A carb, clean rubber thumb screws with large washers and a lot of new NOS hardware.  Nothing has been welded and no cracks were found.  The engine is a standard bore. The silver in the pictures is clean aluminum not paint. We have tested the engine in a tank but it still needs to be broken in. 

 SOLD, THANKS DAN                       

                            Original style Mark 20H


This engine has been completely gone thru and is ready to run.  New bearings and seals through out the engine were installed.  New piston rings in standard bore cylinders, new gaskets, impeller and much more has been done to make this engine like new.  This is a numbers matching engine

Price                                          $3,750.00 plus shipping




Mark 55A white long shaft, KA2A carbs, manual start, brass prop; this is a later style engine with the vented top.                            $100.00 + S/H

              All purchases delivered or picked up in Florida are subject to sales tax of 6.5%.